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The J Wiki is a little different than most of the wikis that you may have encountered. It attempts to bridge the divide between organic and curated growth. It is organic in the sense that anyone who is logged into it can contribute to it and curated because contributions are organized into a structure that makes it a little easier to find the information.

Viewing the J Wiki

J Wiki Organization

This wiki is organized functionally which means that the areas are separated into sections according to how different users would like to use them. The Newcomers section provides a view into different parts of the wiki in a way that would be most useful to those who are new to J. Developers should find more advanced information that would be most useful for creating applications in J. The Reference section provides every bit of J knowledge in the wiki. Be warned that this includes some information that is no longer supported, but still may be of use for research or historic purposes. The Community section has links to informaton resident outside of this wiki which ranges from Journals and Blogs to User Groups and Live channels.

J Wiki Navigation

Navigation bars

Navigation Bars are organized to provide options to drill down deeper into a topic in the lateral direction, while providing a breadcrumb path up the hierarchy vertically. The cell on the lower left indicates the name of the current page.

The Side bar

The side bar on the wiki page is probably the most useful navigation tool outside of the Navigation Bars. The side bar exists on every page of the wiki and is always accessible.

J Code Search bar

The J Code Search bar located in the upper right above the wiki content provides one click access to the Page Map, the NuVoc Dictionary, and the J Code Search for which it is named.

Page Map The Page Map is an approximate site map that provides rapid access to different parts of the wiki. Most useful for jumping from section to section without having to ascend and descend.
NuVoc NuVoc is a user maintained dictionary for the J language. It supercedes the previous J Dictionary and Vocabulary and is considered the most up to date reference to the language.
J Code Search The J Code Search is a custom search built by Chris Burke that allows the J primitives to be searched. The traditonal wiki search regards many of these primitives as punctuation. It also allows regular expressions to be used to refine the search results.

Tracking Information

The easiest way to track pages that are most useful is to bookmark them in your browser for quick access. We are hoping that these bookmarks may be curated and added to the User's page, as sharing this information could be very useful for discovering best practices of J Wiki navigation. Every person who is able to log in to the J Wiki has a User page that is initially blank, but can be populated by either personal projects, bookmarks or information.

Contributing to the J Wiki