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Report of Meeting 2021-12-30

At the zoom meeting on December 30th, 4pm PST, we decided to focus on three main areas that we hope to have incorporated by the end of February 2022.

  1. To have a simple interactive 'playground' available for new users to try out J through their web browser without requiring any additional installation of J. Will Gajate and his team are focussing on this with assistance from Joe Bogner, who had explored this with a previous version of J. ( The details of Will's plan can be found here: (
  2. Have a new main page that will initially address two audiences:
    1. newcomers to the language
    2. existing users looking for reference material.
This page will be set up to be clearly provide access to its different audiences - similar to the way that the Debian ( and the APL wiki ( have done. The developments on the design will be documented in a wiki subsection ( Thanks to Raul Miller for surveying a number of sites ( and Art Anger for providing an outline for the introduction of the language to programmers not familiar with J (
3. To create a process that allows for low friction accountable updates to the wiki. This is required in order to create a foundation for the large amount of work that needs to be done updating the many resources that are currently on the site. As work is done in this area it will be captured in this section of the wiki. (

If any of this interests you, please do check in on these resources. The feedback that you provide will help us stay on the right track to developing a wiki that is easily navigable for experienced users and welcoming to newcomers. If you wish to become even more involved, then let us know and we will invite you to our zoom meetings. We are increasing the frequency of these meetings to weekly based on the progress that we hope to make, but are keeping the length of the meeting to no more than an hour to respect everyone's time.

Please use the general forum for wiki discussion. The programming forum only receives the updates of the groups progress and is not used for general wiki discussion.