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A. Link to Results of Eric's Web Crawl of 2021-11-13

B. JDocsAA0 - Required primary documents of jwiki

(Submitted by Art Anger for discussion; Re-ordered 19 Nov 2021)
  1. Introduction
    1. Pep talk - benefits
    2. Warning - non-traditional
  2. Guide to resources
    1. Search and help
  3. Programs
    1. Definition
    2. Structure
    3. Syntax
      1. Parsing
      2. Hook and Fork
  4. Tokens
    1. Names and literals
      1. Data types
    2. Symbol table with links
    3. Symbol definitions with short examples
    4. Startup-defined names
    5. Controls
    6. Deeper expositions
  5. Foreigns
  6. Application areas, outlining general techniques
  7. Application highlights
  8. Histories and stories
  9. Personal projects
  10. System
    1. Platforms
    2. Acquisition and installation
    3. Structure
    4. Interfaces
    5. Developmental versions
  11. Addon library
    1. Acceptance procedure
  12. JSoftware organization and personnel
  13. J users and user groups
  14. Programming advice
    1. Well-named single-task functions
      1. Accommodating higher sizes and ranks
    2. Repeated operations
      1. Array organization
      2. Rank specification
      3. Adverbial modifications
    3. Locales and search paths
    4. Scope
      1. Conjoined operations
      2. Buffering
    5. Input-output management
    6. File management
    7. Debugging
      1. Intermediate storage or output
      2. Stops
      3. Partial builds
  15. Database
  16. Spreadsheet
  17. Graphics
  18. Recommended documentation formats
    1. Wiki structure, with samples
    2. Wiki additions and maintenance

C. Draft of email to be sent to the Programming forum

Hi everyone,

This last Thursday November 18th we had our first zoom meeting of the J Wiki work group. Attendees were Art Anger, John Baker, Chris Burke, Will Gajate, Devon McCormick, Raul Miller, Henry Rich, Bob Therriault and Michal Wallace. The minutes of the meeting can be found in detail here:

We began with brief introductions and then moved into a discussion about the search functionality of the website.

Did you know that there are two separate searches that are available on the J wiki? There is the one that is on the upper right, which is the standard MediaWiki search and there is one that is on the left sidebar, that has been custom written by Chris Burke to be able to search J code as well as having a case and a regex option for search.

We also discussed the use of categories that can be attached to wiki pages and may allow semantic groups of pages to be located by category.

There also many pages that are out of date on the wiki and we will be identifying those over the coming months and moving them to archive. We will inform everybody of those pages via this weekly post, so that no pages that are still in use will be moved into the archive by mistake.

What we ask of all of you is to provide us with feedback of your concerns about the wiki. If you have done a search that has not worked let us know. There is no guarantee that it will be given a quick fix, but the fact that we are aware of it may give us a better sense of where users are finding challenges. Especially valuable are newcomers to the site, as they have the fresh eyes that we need to spot issues where old-timers have found their own personal work arounds. Thank you in advance from your friendly neighbourhood J wiki work group.

We are going to spend the next two weeks working with the wiki as our primary communication medium before we return to our next zoom meeting on December 2nd.

To reply to any of this information, please use the General Forum. We are only posting these updates on the Programming forum once a week to avoid flooding with non-programming information.

Cheers, bob

ps. If you would like to join us send me an email and I will include you in the process. There is a lot of work to be done and the more diversity we have, the more likely we are to create a wiki that can serve a broad spectrum of people. Also, you will learn an awful lot about the J language. There are some amazing pages in the J wiki.

D. See Wiki/Welcome_to_J

Proposed "pep talk" to entice newcomers. I'm not sure where it would fit in our docs. --Art

E. See Wiki/Where_to_ Start

Proposed quick survey of important and/or inviting concepts. --Art