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J804 release of 4 Jan 2016

Changes to the base system

  • the Windows J engine is updated to J804 with support for 64-bit OLE and unicode, see Guides/OLE Automation
  • 9!:14'' is extended with build information

Changes to the Qt IDE

  • the Qt IDE version is 1.4.9
  • add Ctrl+/ toggles NB. comments. This replaces the earlier Ctrl+Shift+B and Ctrl+Shift+N.
  • add Ctrl+Shift+/ (OSX Option+Command+/) toggles Note'' comments.
  • add new Qt key definitions to ~addons/ide/qt/keys.ijs
  • add Open in folder subfolder to Term and Edit File menus
  • additions to Debug:
    • support setting stops in verbs with headers, see Debug/Stops#Headers
    • add programming interface for setting stops and dissect information
  • changes to line recall, see Line Recall:
    • add filtering to the Input Log dialog. Any text entered subsets the list to lines containing the text
    • add get/set inputlog
    • add Qt IDE config KeepCursorPosOnRecall. If set, this preserves the cursor position when recalling an earlier line from the session
  • fix crashes in event handling when J is suspended
  • fix crash in multi-dimensional isigrid when moving away a single row label
  • fix drag/drop in OSX isigrid
  • fix FIW and FIF layouts in OSX
  • fix incorrect title of second edit window
  • fix isigrid bug where axes changed after grid is scrolled
  • fix problem with Edit script reload, when the script was changed multiple times
  • Configure|Styles... has added styles selb (background color for selections) and selt (text color for selections)
  • Edit Run Line commands now treat a multiline explicit definition as a single line
  • in Term, Shift+Home selects to the beginning of the text, if any
  • line numbers are shown only for Edit windows, not in Term
  • point NuVoc help to the new wiki
  • replace svg images with png images
  • when saving a new script to a new name, it is added to the recent files list

Changes to the Qt IDE Window Driver

  • add char event for edit control
  • add glqtype to return 0=isigraph, 1=isidraw
  • add sysmodifiers includes 4 when Alt (OSX Option) is pressed
  • add wd 'sm set edit scroll N' scrolls the editor to line N or maximum possible if less.
  • change pshow command to accept an optional parameter
  • change gl command glfill to accept RGBA format
  • check for illegal or extra parameters and control styles
  • fix wd parsing to reinstate support for binary parameters to some commands, e.g. websockets
  • gltextmetrics uses glfontextent
  • support dynamic OpenGL on Windows platforms
  • wd 'mb font [title] [fontspec]' now supported, allowing a title for the font dialog. If only a single argument is given after font, it will be interpreted as the title.


  • add All-In-One installer for OSX
  • the Qt port to Android is no longer supported. Future Android development will be on the non-Qt version.