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J803 release of 9 Dec 2014

Changes to the base system:

  • J engine updated to J803 with bug fixes
  • support read/write jpeg and png formats
  • project decommenter leaves in any comments beginning NB.!

Changes to the Qt IDE (other than Window Driver):

  • the Qt IDE version is 1.3.1
  • add user-defined shortcut keys, see menu Edit|Configure|User Keys
  • add menu File|Open addons to Term menu
  • change KeepInputLog to MaxInputLog in the Edit|Configure|Qt Ide configuration, to allow the saved log length to be set
  • change menu "Studio|wd Demos..." to "Studio|Showcase..."
  • some Qt commands can now be called from Jconsole, by loading ~addons/ide/qt/qt.ijs
  • user-defined keys that run a J expression first define !WinText_jqtide_ and !WinSelect_jqtide_ for the active window. This allows the J expression access to the current text and selection.
  • menu file|quit in edit closes only the editor, not the J session
  • run all now uses loadd (load with display)
  • fixed - disable role-based merging of wd menus on mac

Changes to the Qt IDE Window Driver:

  • add gl commands glfontextent, glqpixelm. glfontextent must now be used before calls to glqextent (previously glfont was used).
  • add penstyle to glpen, which makes it available for outlines of glrect objects. Note that the numeric codes for penstyle (PS_xxx) have changed; use the codes in file graphics/gl2. Note especially that penstyle 0, formerly the solid line PS_SOLID, has changed to the invisible line PS_NULL.
  • add set tooltip for windows controls
  • add SOH delimiter for wd parms, and change LF delimiter, see Command Syntax
  • add several sm commands. See ~addons/ide/qt/demo/sm.ijs for examples.
  • add "selectable" parameter to editm readonly control. This shows the cursor and selections.
  • fix glcmds error handling