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J802 release of 2 Aug 2014

To update the JQt system, see Qt IDE/Install Upgrade.

Change to the base system:

  • memory limit in base.cfg can be given either as size or power-of-2

Changes to the Qt IDE:

  • the Qt IDE version is 1.1.5
  • the Qt IDE is now built with Qt 5.3.1 on Windows and OSX. The Qt binaries will be updated on your machine.
  • add NuVoc help links (e.g. Ctrl+Shift+F1 is NuVoc context sensitive help)
  • add run selection to the Term window
  • add Ctrl+Shift run keys to display result, even where the last expression is an assignment
  • add all Qt cryptographic hashes on Windows and Mac, i.e. Md4, Md5, Sha1, Sha224, Sha256, Sha384, Sha512, Sha3_224, Sha3_256, Sha3_384, Sha3_512, e.g.
   gethash_jqtide_ 'sha1';'hello world'
 * enable menu Script|Global Assignments
    • fixed - set project path to empty when project is closed
    • fixed - close application if all forms are closed and IDE is hidden
    • fixed internal file case utility for OSX
    • fixed bug where two Edit windows did not maintain separate open projects
    • fixed problem with Term window sizing on win64
    • reduced default printer margin to 1cm when printing QTextDocuments

J802 initial release 9 July 2014

J802 is a minor update to J801, with changes mainly in the Qt IDE.

1. Demos and Labs are tested and should work correctly on JHS and JQt.

1. The Qt IDE is now built with Qt 5.3 on Windows and OSX. Qt 4.8 is still used for Linux platforms for compatibility with most current distributions.

1. Changes/updates to the Qt IDE:

    • in glclear command, do not set clipping to false (Qt default is true)
    • add glfill command, and remove initial fill from isigraph
    • add quickwidget control, QtQuick widget but not yet available in some platforms
    • add cell mouse click events in table
    • add filesystemwatcher for edit tabs (a message is given if a file is open and the underlying file on disk changes)
    • move demos from Launch Pad to Help|Studio

1. Obsolete code removed in JQt:

    • remove OpenGL 1.x addons and demos
    • remove J6 grid in favor of Qt table