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Early discussions on J were on the comp.lang.apl newsgroup.

In September 1998, a separate J forum was started as a listbox,

In October 2005, the listbox was closed down, and replaced with the current four mailman forums: programming, beta, chat, general. With a handful of exceptions, listbox messages were migrated to the general forum; the exceptions were either messages that mailman rejected as being incorrectly formatted, and a couple of messages that simply did not belong on the forum.


Forum archives are available in several ways:

Mailman Archives

These are on pages like, and are automatically generated by mailman.

Search Page

The search page is This is supported by a program that runs every few minutes, reads the mailman archives and generates corresponding files of content, subject, author etc. The search cgi then reads these files to generate search results. The archiving and search programs are at


Recent messages are mirrored, see

Consolidated Files

From time to time, consolidated mbox files are generated, and can be found in directory


  • sometimes archives thread/subject do not agree. This is due to a reply being made to a thread, with a changed subject.