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Reporting Bugs in Jsoftware Products

For reporting bugs or any other issues:

  • if related to a beta release, use the beta forum
  • if related to the Jd database, use the jd forum
  • if related to the J source, use the source forum
  • otherwise, use the general forum

Note that the catch-all forum is the general forum, not the programming forum, see Forums.

Please check that the problem occurs in the latest software versions - the problem may already have been reported and fixed.

When sending the report please include the following information:

  • list of steps to be taken to reproduce the error. Try to isolate the problem to a few lines of J entered in a fresh session.
  • the exact version of J being used, from JVERSION:
Engine: j803/2014-10-19-11:11:11
Library: 8.03.10
Qt IDE: 1.3.1/4.8.6
Platform: Linux 64
InstallPath: /home/elmo/uni/j8
  • any relevant information about the OS being used and machine configuration.

See also Simon Tatham, How to Report Bugs Effectively.