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Included under the general/misc package:

load 'pacman'
'install' jpkg 'general/misc'
load '~addons/general/misc/clippaste.ijs'

Caution: when reading and writing unicode text through clipboard, be careful to use CF_UNICODETEXT flag instead of CF_TEXT, which is the default.

CF_UNICODETEXT_wdclip_ getcliptext ''

NB. in case you want to write to the clipboard, there is no way doing in with unicode text except changing the hard-wired value in setcliptext in clippaste.ijs

Download this script: File:Clippaste.ijs

NB. cd replacement for wd'clippaste'
NB. wd'clippaste 1' -> getcliptext''
NB. wd'clippaste 2' -> getclipfiles''
NB. wd'clipcopy'    -> setcliptext text
NB. getclip - gets text or file names from clipboard.
NB. setclipfiles - puts one or more file names on clipboard.