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NuVoc What is NuVoc?
Link to NuVoc page of J software Nuvoc is the reference
of the J language.
If you have not been here before,
you must check it out!
Standard Library What is the standard library?
Link to Standard library page of J software The standard library
is the predefined set of
scripts available to J users,
found in the z locale.
J Add-ons What are J Add-ons?
Link to Addons page of J software J add-ons are extensions
to the language written
by the J community.
J Labs What are J labs?
Link to Lab page of J software J labs are interactive
lessons built into the
J environment and they
cover a range of topics.
J Essays What are J Essays?
Link to Essays page of J software J Essays are a collection
produced over the years
by some of the sharpest
J programmers.
J Phrases What are J phrases?
Link to Phrases page of J software J phrases are short,
idiomatic strings of primitives
available to J users as
solutions to common challenges.
Archived Pages Wiki pages that are out of date.
📚📖 The wiki pages in this section may be
out of date, but they may still
have useful nuggets of knowledge.