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Roger K.W. Hui, Dyalog Limited, Canada
Morten J. Kromberg, Dyalog Limited, United Kingdom
History of Programming Languages IV (HOPL IV)
APL Since 1978

Videos about J

ACM SIGAPL The Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group for Array Programming Languages has some J material.

Albert Stevens Notes on use of J, and collection of other J related material at UNB Transportation.

BrianSchott's YouTube J screen casts: download and install, an introduction via Labs, browsing locales with cobrowse.ijs, and a simple openGL screen robot. Search for "J Programming Language" for more.

Cliff Reiter's Gallery of Fractals, Chaos and Symmetry at Lafayette College.

Donald B. McIntyre's site includes Mastering J Revisited.

Ewart Shaw's page at University of Warwick has a thorough guide to J.

John Howland's pages at Trinity University, San Antonio.

Keith Smillie's J Page at University of Alberta has several excellent introductory articles, including a statistical package written in J.

Ken Gordon has a review A management perspective of the J programming language among other recommended data warehousing and compression articles, some archived.

Martin Neitzel's Juggler's page at Gaertner Datensysteme GbR.

Mstat is a standalone package for statistical analysis, developed by Norman Drinkwater at the McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research, University of Wisconsin.

Oleg Kobchenko's J Page has several useful J scripts.

郭平欣 J 字典J 語言初步. Ping-Sing Kuo's Chinese translation of the J Introduction and Dictionary and 51-page J Introduction.

Словарь Языка J (archive, PDF). Russian translation of J dictionary. This is a working copy, sublect for discussion and change. Please comment on it here. Periodically (e.g. after J 6.01 is out) it will be assembled into a higher quality releases, made available elsewhere.

Skip Cave's site includes various historical APL/J papers, as well as digital pictures taken at the J2000 conference in Toronto.

LiteratePrograms Examples of J code elaborated in "literate" style.

Rosetta Code Examples of J code for comparison and contrast with other programming languages.

Vector Journal of the British APL Association with many articles on J.

Wikipedia entry J programming language