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This page is for j701 at the Apple App Store (released August 9,2017).

Moved here to vacate Guides/iOS for use by J901. Ian Clark (talk) 07:19, 12 October 2021 (UTC)

If this is an update to the previous j701 release, a bug prevents use of the new system scripts. You have this mix of new binary and old system scripts if:

  701.1 2
  |value error

This is not good and should be fixed. The fix loses your personal j701 scripts, so back them up first.

Fix to get a clean j701 install:

  press j701 icon until it wiggles
   tap j701 icon x sign to delete it
    tap home to stop wiggling
  go to the App Store and install j701

This release is 64 bit. If you see j701 in the app store, then it runs on your device. If you don't see it, then you can only run the older (2012) 32 bit version.

The original j701 release had:

  • new keyboard
  • font Menlo (standard Apple monospaced font)
  • improved screen layout
  • better ? help

This j701 update has:

  • better landscape layout for small screens
  • improved help screen
  • repeat for backspace and caret movements.

This release is built from 701 JE binaries (same as all previous iOS versions). This allowed us to get the release out more quickly. The important changes were in the keyboard and other gui issues. With this stake in the ground, it will be easier to move future releases to 805,... engines.

This release has share enabled. This is partly because Apple relaxed things a bit, but perhaps more because we presented a more reasoned case.

Moving scripts and related data between device and desktop:

  • iTunes share
  • iExplorer from Macroplant and similar products built on iTunes share
  • jj - j to j transfer

The jj method works with a JHS server on your desktop. Try the following:

start JHS server on your desktop
   load '~addons/ide/jhs/jjserver.ijs'
   init_jjserver_ 'pswd'
client access with: jjset ' pswd'
run j701 on your device
  jj 0 NB. load jj script and display help
  jjset ' pswd'
  jjget '~addons/math/misc' NB. get misc folder
  '~temp/t.txt' fwrite~ ":sin 1
  jjput '~temp/t.txt' NB. put t.txt on the desktop

See iOS 32 bit for older iPhone/iPad devices with the previous (2012) version of J.