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This page is a proposed index to the Essays collection.
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Title Source Applications Tools Categories
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Title Source Applications Tools Categories
(2^67)-1 Roger Hui Number theory Primes Factoring
Primality Tests
2^64 Roger Hui Number theory Power Large numbers
235 Problem User:Devon McCormick Chess Prime factors Factoring, [Literate?]
3n + 1 Problem Roger Hui Number theory Tie Factoring
Collatz Conjecture
4 Queens Problem Roger Hui Chess for. Games
5-smooth number Roger Hui Number theory NaturalLog Factoring
Hamming Number
Regular number
9 Queens Problem Roger Hui Chess Hook Games
88 Hats Andrew Nikitin et al. Numerical puzzle Residue Puzzles
99 Bottles of Beer Roger Hui Recursion Drop Recursion
1729 Roger Hui Number theory Primes Factoring
Unforgettable Numbers
A Fine Line Dan Bron Pos/Neg ranks Rank Syntax
Absolute and Relative Tolerance Oleg Kobchenko Accuracy Fix Correctness
Ackermann's Function Roger Hui Ackermann function Tie Computability
Advent Of Code 2015 Eric Wastl 25 Problem solutions NuVoc AoCode15 Exercises
All Partitions Howard Peelle Number theory FunctionPower Partitioning
Anagram Oleg Kobchenko Permutations Anagram Ordering
Animals Game Raul_Miller et al. Artificial intelligence Box Games
N Queens Problem Roger Hui Chess for. Games [Move to alphabetical order]

Advent of Code 2015

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Title Source Applications Tools Categories
Count Parentheses Eric Wastl Serial application Insert AoCode15 Prob. 1
Wrapping Paper Eric Wastl Sums of products Infix AoCode15 Prob. 2
Package Delivery Eric Wastl 2-dimensional grid walks Insert AoCode15 Prob. 3
MD5 Eric Wastl Logical operations Boolean AoCode15 Prob. 4
Find Nice Strings Eric Wastl String processing Infix AoCode15 Prob. 5
Light Control Eric Wastl Selection Intervals AoCode15 Prob. 6
Wiring Simulation Eric Wastl Recursion SelfReference AoCode15 Prob. 7
Counting Escaped Characters Eric Wastl Selection FindMatches, SeqMachine AoCode15 Prob. 8
Traveling Salesman Eric Wastl Enumeration Anagram AoCode15 Prob. 9
Look And Say Eric Wastl Value discontinuities ShiftRight1 AoCode15 Prob. 10
Password Update Eric Wastl String processing FunctionPower AoCode15 Prob. 11
JSON Parsing Eric Wastl String search Intervals AoCode15 Prob. 12
Cyclic Permutations Eric Wastl Permutation optimization Anagram AoCode15 Prob. 13
Reindeer Speed Eric Wastl Number conversion Antibase AoCode15 Prob. 14
Cookie Recipes Eric Wastl Discrete optimization whilst. AoCode15 Prob. 15
Database Search Eric Wastl Boxed arrays Fetch AoCode15 Prob. 16
Integer Knapsack Eric Wastl Packing optimization Intervals AoCode15 Prob. 17
Game Of Life Eric Wastl Sub-array processing Infix AoCode15 Prob. 18
String Replacement Eric Wastl String manipulation Intervals AoCode15 Prob. 19
Package Delivery/Divisors Eric Wastl Variable repetition PowerOf AoCode15 Prob. 20
RPG Simulation I Eric Wastl Multi-variable optimization Insert AoCode15 Prob. 21
RPG Simulation II Eric Wastl Table updates Table, From AoCode15 Prob. 22
Microprocessor Simulation Eric Wastl Indefinite repetition while. AoCode15 Prob. 23
Divide The Weights Eric Wastl Multi-variable optimization Insert AoCode15 Prob. 24
Cantor's Password Eric Wastl Modular arithmetic Residue AoCode15 Prob. 25


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