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Community Essay Categorization Project

Instructional Video for the Process Outlined Below

Instructions to sign up to the wiki

At this time there are actually two J wikis. There is a Blue J wiki which is the working wiki and the Yellow J wiki which is our prototype for collecting information and trying out formats. If you have not been signed up for the wiki before you will need to sign up to them separately. We will be working the Yellow J wiki for this project.
Sign up for Yellow wiki.
Sign up for Blue wiki

For more information about editing the wiki you can click here, but to participate in the categorization project the extra information is really not necessary because the editing is minimal.

Access the list


Choose an essay

Simply Click on any essay of your choice and give it a quick read.
Essays with a (*) are not accessible from the Yellow J wiki at this time.

Add a category

Select the Edit tab (you must be logged in to have an edit tab) and add [[Category:YourChosenCategoryName]] on the bottom line. Yes, that is right, you get to choose your category name. We may not end up using all of them for the final version, but we are looking to the community give us some ideas for categories because each essay can have more than one category.
Preview the change if you wish and then save with the comment 'cat EssayName'

Update the list

Return to the list (it may help to have two tabs open)
Increment the number in the parenthesis next to the name of the essay that you categorized and save.
You are done for this essay, but there are many more essays to do. Choose the ones you are interested in and give them a category.
Thank you for your help in this project.