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You can upload files to the pages on this wiki, for example inline images, or attachments to be downloaded.

Some files are considered safe, and anyone can upload them to a wiki page that is editable. These files are distinguished by their extension:

  • plain text files: *.txt, *.ijs, *.ijt, *.sh
  • image files: *.gif, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.png, *.svg
  • pdf files: *.pdf

All other files, such as executables (*.exe) and zips (*.zip) require special consideration. You are responsible for ensuring that such files are properly created.

1. To upload them to a wiki page, you must already be the owner of that page. In that case, only you can upload attachments to that page.

To add an attachment to a wiki page that you cannot own, upload it to your personal page on the wiki, and then link to it. You need to be the owner of your personal page. Then link in the form: myapp.zip .

2. You can ask a wiki administrator to upload your file to the main Jsoftware web site. In this case, the administrator will give you an url that can be entered in the wiki page. Also, you would not have direct access to change the file.

3. You can put up the file elsewhere on the web, and include the url in the wiki page.

Important note: the wiki software allows you to upload any type of file to a wiki page that is editable. However, any file that is not considered safe will be deleted immediately. Please contact a wiki administrator to request page ownership before you try to upload such a file.