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This is a beginner's guide to editing wiki pages.

It will be helpful to open up several browser windows when first experimenting with the wiki.

Wiki Markup

In a browser window, navigate to the page, then select menu item Show Raw Text to see the source text. Lines beginning ## are comments, lines beginning with a single # are instructions (none are needed for most pages), and the rest is wiki markup.

For a more complex example, navigate to Essays/The Ball Clock Problem. The route from the front page is Code Workshop | Essays | Ball Clock Problem. Again, select menu item Show Raw Text to see the text.

Next, navigate to the wiki front page and select menu item Show Raw Text. Note the line #acl All:read at the top. This specifies access control, and indicates that everyone has read-only access to this page. This is one of the few pages on the wiki that is not editable by all users.

Useful Pages

In another browser window, navigate to the wiki front page and then to the About page. Take a look at each of the main links on this page, and especially note that you need to login to edit the wiki, and read the editing guidelines and policy on attachments.

It will be helpful to bring up the Syntax Reference in another browser window.


Now that you have some idea of the wiki markup, it is time to try editing a page. You can do this by opening the test wiki site, at in another browser window. Select Login, and either create a new user identity, or use the existing one:

Name PeterSimple
Password psimple

Once you are logged in, return to the FrontPage (on the test wiki site) and select the Testing page Then click Edit to get the edit screen. If someone else is editing it right now, just enter a page name like Testing1, Testing2 etc. in the page url - this will give you a new page for testing.

Make any changes you like, and click the Preview button towards the bottom of the screen. Next enter any comments in the Optional comment edit box, and click Save Changes. Your changes are now saved in the wiki.

Creating a New Page

New pages can be added

  • for unrelated pages or similar to existing ones, by substituting a new page name in the Wiki URL and navigating to it:
  • or starting from a link in an existing page (typically scripts or essays or other list), clicking which will show the new page screen.

Edit the Testing page again, and enter a new page link, as a line of the form below. Don't use MyNewPage, but instead make up your own new page name:

[:Testing/MyNewPage:This is my new page]

Save Changes as before and click on the link. This gives another page with a link Create new empty page. Click this and your new page is created.

Next Steps

You should now be ready to edit the main J wiki pages. See EditingGuidelines for more details. If you need further help, email either to the General mailing list, see forums, or to <<MailTo(wiki AT jsoftware DOT com)>>.