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Name User Page Sex Birth Year Nationality Residing Languages (human) Jer since Industry / Profession Primary J use
Tom Allen Tom Allen M 1951 au.png Australia au.png Canberra, Australia English v3 play
Art Anger Art Anger M 1937 us.png USA us.png Concord, MA English, some: French, German, Spanish, Russian 2004 (APL 1966, Iversonian 1960) Retired consultant hobby, teaching
Tom Arneson Tom Arneson M 1942 us.png USA Minneapolis MN, USA English ~2000 hobby, surveying, teaching
John Baker John Baker M 1953 ca.png Canada
us.png USA
us.png Meridian ID, USA English 1990 Semi-retired IT Data wrangling, Image metadata, JOD
Boyko Bantchev Boyko Bantchev M 1960 bg.png Bulgaria bg.png Sofia, Bulgaria Bulgarian, Russian, English ~2000 hobby, teaching
R.E. Boss RE Boss M 1950 nl.png Dutch nl.png Netherlands Dutch, (some) English 2000 mathematician PhD student playing; exploring math
Dan Bron Dan Bron M 1979 us.png USA us.png Jersey City, NJ, USA English 2001 capital markets / sales Data analysis, reporting, ad-hoc scripting, hobby
Yuri Burger Yuri Burger M 1979 ua.png Ukraine ua.png Kiev, Ukraine Russian, Ukrainian, English 2004 general programming, AI, research
Ellis K "Skip" Cave SkipCave M 1945 us.png USA us.png Dallas TX English 1990 Electronic Engineer, Consultant hobby, research
Ian Clark Ian Clark M 1941 gb.png UK gb.png North Yorkshire English, some German, Russian, Swedish 2008 (APL 1973) Product devt, Higher Edn Hobby, teaching
Michael Dykman Michael Dykman M 1963 ca.png Canada ca.png Toronto, Canada English 2006 Research, Hobby
Kym Farnik Kym Farnik M 1958 au.png Australia au.png Adelaide, South Australia English, Strine 2002 Research, Hobby, Maths
Paul P. Gauthier Paul Gauthier M 1952 ca.png Canada ca.png Montreal,QC,Canada French, English 1990 hobby, rare work
Ian Gorse Ian Gorse M 1981 gb.png UK gb.png West Midlands, UK English 2008 Manufacturing - Project Coordinator Hobby
Don Guinn Don Guinn M 1940 us.png USA us.png Cloudcroft, New Mexico English 1998 Mainframe Systems Programmer hobby
Harvey Hahn Harvey Hahn M 1946 us.png USA us.png Cary, Illinois English, some German 2006 hobby
Tracy Harms Tracy Harms M 1958 us.png USA us.png Columbus, Ohio English 2006 IT consulting Data analysis, system support, ad hoc computation
J. Patrick Harrington JPatrickHarrington M 1939 us.png USA us.png Riverdale, MD, USA English 1992 astronomy, astrophysics
Bill Harris Bill Harris M 1948 us.png USA us.png Everett, Washington English, German 1992? utility analyst, energy efficiency Data exploration, simulation output analysis, graphical communications, intellectual stimulation
Björn Helgason BjörnHelgason M 1952 is.png Ísland is.png Hraunborgum, Íslandi Íslenzku, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, German, some Dutch and French 1990 (APL 1972) hobby, rare work
Jan Jacobs Jan Jacobs M 1955 nl.png The Netherlands nl.png Venlo, LB English, Dutch, German 1990 (APL 1974) programming embedded massively parallel processors (PhD study in progress)
Jan-Pieter Jacobs Jan-Pieter Jacobs M 1985 be.png Belgium be.png Belgium, Antwerp Dutch, English, French, Spanish, some Italian and German, traces of Chinese 2013 PhD student hobby, little work
June Kim June Kim M 1974 kr.png Korea kr.png Korea Korean, English 2005 hobby
Oleg Kobchenko Oleg Kobchenko M 1971 ua.png Ukraine us.png Boston, MA Russian, Ukrainian, English, some French ~1994 general programming
Martin Kreuzer Martin Kreuzer M 1946 de.png German de.png Frankfurt a M German, English ~2009
Mikl Kurkov Mikl Kurkov M 1975 ru.png Russian ru.png Moscow,Russia Russian, English 2006 one project in financial trading area, hobby
David Lambert David Lambert M 1960 Corning, NY us.png English 2009 Engineering varied
Ken Lettow Ken Lettow M 1967 us.png USA us.png Clifton, NJ English 2007 web log mining, data analysis, reporting, hobby
Marshall Lochbaum Marshall Lochbaum M 1993 us.png USA us.png Raleigh, NC English 2009 Student Mathematics, hobby, language design
Luca Masini Luca Masini M 1964 it.png Italian de.png Frankfurt am Main,Germany English, French,German,Italian 2006 hobby
Devon McCormick Devon McCormick M 1959 us.png USA us.png New York, NY English, some Spanish, some French 2001 IT QA, Finance Research, data analysis, scripting, sub rosa work
Eugene McDonnell (RIP) Eugene McDonnell M 1926 us.png USA us.png Palo Alto, CA English, Italian 1989 hobby
Raul Miller Raul Miller M 1961 us.png USA us.png McLean, VA, USA English ? varies
Martin Neitzel Martin Neitzel M 1963 de.png Germany de.png Braunschweig,FRG English,German 1990 J contract work
Sean O'Byrne Sean OByrne M 1971 au.png Australia au.png Canberra, Australia English 2002 Aerospace Engineering / Education hobby, research
Martin Pelletier Martin Pelletier M 1977 ca.png Canada ca.png Quebec city, Qc, Canada French, English 2004 Analyst / Consultant experimentation, prototyping, calculus, data transformation
John Randall John Randall M 1955 gb.png UK us.png Brooklyn, NY, USA English 2001 research, data analysis, hobby
Cliff Reiter Cliff Reiter M 1957 us.png USA us.png Easton, PA, USA English 1992 teaching, research, web
Alex Rufon (RIP) AlexRufon M 1973 ph.png Filipino ph.png Cavite, Philippines English, Filipino, Waray, Caray-a 2000 Manufacturing Data Warehousing, Production Planning, Materials and Resources Calculation, EDI/B2B Documents Generation, AS400 & SAP Interfacing, General Programming, Games (hobby)
Mario Sacco Mario Sacco M 1961 it.png Italy it.png Rome, Italy Italian, English ~2000, IBM APL/APL2 1983+; Dyalog APL 2010+ Consultant Data Analysis, Statistic, Finance, Math, Research, General programming
Martin Saurer Martin Saurer M 1966 ch.png Switzerland ch.png Winterthur, Switzerland German, English ~2000 Software Developer data analysis, image processing, research
Markus Schmidt-Groettrup Markus Schmidt Groettrup M 1959 de.png Germany de.png Lingen, Germany German,English 2001 math studies, statistics, teaching
Brian Schott Brian Schott M 1944 us.png USA us.png Decatur, GA English 1990 Prof Emeritus of Decision Sciences addiction
Anssi SeppÀlÀ Anssi SeppÀlÀ M 1958 fi.png FI fi.png Helsinki, Finland Finnish,English 1998 software production, data analysis, business
Ewart Shaw Ewart Shaw M 1953 gb.png UK gb.png Midlands, UK English, some French 1990 Art student; ex-statistician images, sound, maths, misc.
Ric Sherlock Ric Sherlock M 1969 nz.png NZ nz.png Hamilton, NZ English, Swiss-German 2007 quantitative genetics, bioinformatics data analysis, simulation
Jordan Tirrell Jordan Tirrell M 1987 us.png USA us.png New York City, USA English 2005 data analysis, math research
Bob Therriault Bob Therriault M 1958 ca.png Canada ca.png Qualicum Beach, B.C., Canada English J 501 education education, visualization, hobby
Joey K Tuttle Joey Tuttle M 1942 us.png USA us.png Aptos, CA English 1989 general programming, and hobby
David Vincent-Jones David VincentJones M 1934 ca.png Canada ca.png Vancouver, Canada English 1990 Image Processing
Igor Zhuravlov Igor Zhuravlov M 1971 ru.png Russian ru.png Vladivostok, Russia Russian, English 2001 education / programmer hobby, research

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