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Forums Where most of the J discussion happens
⌨️ Programming, General,
Beta and Chat forums
are different ways that J
is discussed within the community.
Web Resources Videos,blogs, other wikis?
🖥️ There are many people
around the world who
put out information in various formats
on the world wide web.
Journals Published information on the array languages?
📓 Yes, J has journals,
as do many other array languages
User Groups Place that J'ers meet?
👥 Some are more active than others.
If you start one up, let us know
and we will include it!
Other Array Languages There are other array languages!
🌐 The various forms of APL, BQN, k, and April
are all languages that use
array paradigm.
News What's going in the J world?
📰 Information on upcoming betas,
conferences, and developments within the J world.

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