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Eugene McDonnell wrote a series of articles for Vector magazine, entitled At Play with J. There are 42 articles, and they collectively are a treasure trove of J. Many can be seen on the Articles page of the wiki.

The British APL Association have published the collection in book form, as noted on their books page. This first version can be seen at lulu. However, they wish to prepare a second edition with the code updated so as to ensure that it works in the latest version of J.

To do so, we will first publish each article on the J wiki, and update the code as required. The new version will then be created from the wiki pages.

Your help is needed to get each article updated. To do so, please take ownership of one or more articles on the At Play With J page, and create/update the article wiki page as appropriate. Once finished, update the entry on the main page. Volunteers will be acknowledged in the book.

Note that as usual with a wiki, anyone can update a page - you do not have to be the registered owner.

Please read the Editing Guidelines before making changes.

Wiki Pages

The article wiki pages are of the form Doc/Articles/Play131 where 131 means Vector Issue 13 No. 1.


This zip has the original source text. There are separate files for the pages not yet on the wiki, plus a complete collection of the original articles.

Many pages are already created, if so, you can start from those pages, and use the original source for reference.


Contact Ian Clark for any further questions on editing these pages.

Use the J chat forum for discussion.