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The sqlite interface allows direct access to sqlite databases.

The interface consists of a J script and a copy of sqlite that has been extended with functions to enable fast read/write from J. Apart from the extra functions, this is the standard sqlite and includes the full sqlite engine.

Sqlite does not have to be installed independently of the addon, however it is harmless to do so.

Note that a sqlite database is stored in a single ordinary file. The usual OS file operations can be used for backup/restore, copying etc.

Other sqlite interfaces

This interface replaces an earlier sqlite addon that was discontinued in J7.

There are two other interfaces provided by J that can access sqlite databases:

  • ~addons/data/ddsqlite - like sqlite, this makes direct calls to the sqlite engine. Also, this interface has the same calls as J ODBC (for convenience when migrating from J ODBC), while sqlite has a simpler interface that calls the sqlite API directly.
  • ~addons/data/odbc - this requires an sqlite ODBC driver and the usual ODBC set up